Monday, February 21, 2011

Malayalee wedding

Malayalee wedding is full of excitement and fun. In a traditional wedding, a search for the right candidate is initiated as soon as girl and boy attain the marriageable age. Horoscope matching is of prime importance. Compatibility for the couple is seen by calculation done by some astrologer. If the horoscope matches, then an auspicious date is selected.
Close relatives and friends participate enthusiastically in every ceremony and share joyous moments. There are no rigidities in the Malayalee wedding.
An engagement ceremony is held where elders make the announcement to the family members and relatives about their ward?s engagement. It is popularly called ?Nishayam?. The prospective bride and groom are not part of this ceremony.
After this, various preparation are started in the house of boy and girl. Special sweets are prepared and decorations are done to give a new face to the house.
On the wedding day, a special feast is organized and served to the guests at the bride?s house. Bride is made to sit facing the east and served a traditional five course vegetarian meal.

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